Annie Olean Bukhman / Gift Shop Brooklyn
Gifts and leather goods handmade in Brooklyn, NY by Annie Bukhman.  I believe in supporting handmade, supporting local, and supporting quality.  All materials I use are sourced and purchased from vendors in the US.  All items are designed, hand cut, and hand crafted by me from start to finish.  After years in New York’s fashion industry as a graphic designer, I felt a powerful force pushing me in a new direction.  I gained so much knowledge working in those big companies, which I am truly grateful for.  However, I also learned it’s not where I want to be forever.  I love being my own boss, and challenging myself daily.  I’ve come to realize I’m not satisfied unless its a bit of a challenge.  I love creating and seeing myself improve with each collection, project, and order.  I am also completely blown away by the support of my family, friends, the handmade community, and especially my customers.  It is what really keeps me motivated, you guys are so amazing!!  I grew up in Massachusetts, went to school for Graphic Design and Art History.  I now live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband Alex and our two cats Murray Hewitt and Sophia Petrillo.
Annie Olean Bukhman
Annie Bukhman Studio
annie bukhman
annie bukhman
annie bukhman
Gift Shop Brooklyn
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